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About Our Company

Who Is Telechoice?

Telechoice Consulting is an independent consulting company offering Telecom advice to small, medium and large business clients with no obligation. We analyze your current Telecom services and tailor our voice/data recommendations based on your company’s needs.

Our service to you includes procurement of the best suited Telephone Company, and Internet/Data provider for your application. Our ultimate goal is to reduce your Telecom costs while increasing network efficiency and service. Telechoice services clients from one location, to multiple sites nationwide. Our clients fall into various industry sectors such as call answering centers, real estate firms, financial firms, law firms, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, healthcare facilities and many more.

Telechoice is your outsourced telecom consulting advocate
Our clients benefit by utilizing our knowledge and expertise in the telecom industry, resulting in 20% - 50% cost reduction along with consistent support.

Why Choose Telechoice?

Like most businesses, you’re constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, and improve operations. In the Telecom Industry today, retaining a trustworthy, knowledgeable source is imperative. When you choose Telechoice Consulting, you get reliable, unbiased advice. We partner with a multitude of providers to have them compete for your business, which intern gives you access to the best rates in the Industry. In addition, Telechoice works for you not the carrier, which saves you time by eliminating the need to meet with multiple vendors while gaining a single point of contact for all your telecommunication services.

How is Telechoice compensated?

After the analysis is presented, your company may choose to place your voice/data services with the provider’s we recommend best. If so, Telechoice is paid by the provider on a monthly recurring basis. Therefore, we have a vested interest in your Telecom account. Traditionally, carriers compensate direct sales reps on a one time basis for the client acquisition. This explains why there is little to no sales rep support after the sale is made. Telechoice will be there for you during and after the sale, regardless of carrier choice now, and in the future.

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