What Percentage of Phone Calls are VoIP?

The world of telecommunications has witnessed a remarkable revolution with the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services. This innovative technology has reshaped how we communicate by offering cost-effectiveness, advanced features, and seamless connectivity, making it a popular choice among businesses and individuals. At Telechoice, we understand the importance of staying ahead in [...]

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Is Zoom Considered VoIP?

In today's digital age, effective communication is crucial in both personal and professional settings. Voice over Internet Protocol has emerged as a revolutionary technology that enables voice calls to be transmitted over the Internet, replacing traditional phone systems. Zoom, a popular video conferencing platform, has gained widespread recognition for its seamless and user-friendly interface.  One common [...]

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Can You Make 200k in Cybersecurity?

With our ever-increasing reliance on technology, it's no surprise cybersecurity skills are in high demand. You can position yourself as a desirable candidate for some of the top and highest-paying positions in this field with the appropriate training and experience.    This article will look at how to earn $200,000 in cybersecurity for 2023 and [...]

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Is Cybersecurity Stressful?

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for organizations of all sizes, with threats ranging from malicious hackers to data breaches. Plus, the stress associated with cybersecurity can negatively impact businesses, reducing productivity and straining resources.    This article explores the various cybersecurity risks and discusses how organizations can reduce security stress by leveraging professional IT support [...]

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Who Are the Biggest MSPs?

If you're looking for help managing your business's telecom and technology needs, you'll want to work with a managed service provider (MSP). But with so many MSPs available, how do you choose the right one? In this article, we'll discuss the different managed service providers and the top five MSPs in the world. We'll also [...]

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What Is an Example of a Managed Service Provider?

As businesses increasingly rely on technology to run their operations, the need for managed service providers (MSPs) has grown. An MSP can provide: Businesses with peace of mind Knowing experts continually monitor and manage their technology Allowing them to focus on their goals and objectives Not only that, but an MSP can also provide a [...]

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What Does a Cybersecurity Consultant Do?

With the ever-growing dependence on technology in both our personal and professional lives, it's no surprise that cybersecurity has become a hot-button issue in recent years. As we store more and more sensitive information online, the risk of that information falling into the wrong hands grows. That's where cybersecurity consultants come in. This article looks [...]

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How Much Does Cybersecurity Consulting Cost?

The need for strong cybersecurity measures is more important as the world becomes increasingly digitized. Even managed IT services in New York must protect their data and systems from various threats, including hacking, phishing, and malware. Cybersecurity consulting is a process that can help organizations assess their current security posture and identify areas for improvement. [...]

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Do VoIP Phones Work Over Wi-Fi?

A VoIP phone uses the same technology as a computer to make and receive phone calls. The big difference is that a VoIP phone uses the Internet to send and receive calls instead of regular phone lines. Communication service provider Telechoice Consulting Inc. can help you with using VoIP phone systems for your business. They offer a [...]

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Can VoIP Receive Texts?

As a full-fledged Managed Service Provider specializing in VoIP and UCaaS services, Telechoice Consulting Inc. is asked this question often. This is because businesses that use VoIP phone services as their primary business platform are now seeing the need to have text messages reach their customers. This blog will explore receiving text messages through VoIP and the [...]

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