If you haven’t switched to a VoIP business phone system at your company already, then you’re likely considering making the change soon. There are many benefits to operating your business with a VoIP phone system as opposed to traditional phone systems. Not only will your company save an immense amount of money, but you will also have the convenience of portability when it comes to communicating via your VoIP system. This means that you can make and receive phone calls regardless of your location, as long as you have access to a reliable internet connection. One question that many people have regarding VoIP phone services is does it still work during a power outage. Here is a complete overview to help you understand how VoIP would function under such circumstances, so that you will never lose touch with your customers.

Finding an Uninterruptable Power Source

Unfortunately, no one has the power to prevent inclement weather from causing a power outage, nor can such weather be predicted. However, whenever power outages do occur, there is often a negative effect on your VoIP phone services. Your VoIP phone services will be rendered unable to function properly, which will likely interfere with your ability to conduct business as you normally would. Your clients will be unable to reach you, and vice versa. Luckily, there are ways that you can enjoy all the benefits of VoIP phone services without allowing it to become unable to function during a power outage.

Finding an uninterruptible power source (UPS) will enable your phone system to work, even in the event of a power outage. What is an uninterruptible power source? An uninterruptible power source is essentially a battery-powered generator that will kick in should your power ever go out. Since a UPS is operated by battery, there are some limitations, as backup power can only be provided for as long as the battery lasts. Luckily, there are additional options for making certain that VoIP phone service has access to power to remain functional at all times.

Choosing the Right VoIP Setup

When working with your VoIP provider, it’s important to stress the fact that you need consistent and dependable phone service, even when power outages occur. There are other options, including cloud and hybrid VoIP solutions, to help you stay connected to your customers irrespective of whether your power fails or not.

What is cloud VoIP phone service, you might wonder?

Cloud VoIP service is a cutting-edge upgrade to traditional phone and conventional VoIP services. In other words, cloud VoIP service takes regular VoIP services to the next level by offering even more advantages. In fact, you save even more money, as there is no need for security, maintenance, or even hardware. Cloud VoIP service also provides businesses with the ability to take advantage of decreased bandwidth needs, dramatically enhanced continuity, and a diminished need for IT consultations.

Customers also like the fact that, with cloud VoIP services, there is no interruption in services, regardless of the weather or other issues. There is also no need for a UPS, because in the event of a power outage, cloud VoIP phone services can continue, uninterrupted. This works with the assistance of a hosted private branch exchange (PBX), which can forward calls to the phone number of your choice. Therefore, as long as you have a charged mobile phone or a landline, then you won’t miss important calls from your customers.

Hybrid VoIP phone service is a combination of traditional VoIP service and cloud, which provides businesses with the best of both worlds. You will continue to have a low-cost business phone system with the ability to become portable, if necessary, with the increased consistency of cloud-based services. Consequently, you will have phone service that you can rely on in any possible situation.

Preventing VoIP Service Outages in the Future

Whether you have experienced outages with your VoIP phone system in the past or you’re simply trying to prevent such a situation from occurring, there are smart ways to accomplish this goal. The most important way to achieve this goal is to ensure that you opt for the¬†right VoIP provider. Sometimes this can be difficult to do, as there are numerous VoIP phone providers available that claim to have the absolute best service, although some service is less than par. This is why you need to perform adequate research before choosing a provider. It’s essential that you choose a provider who has an excellent reputation, and one who has a proven track record for providing reliable and high-quality service on an ongoing basis.

Another way to prevent VoIP service downtime is to have a backup internet service provider. The cost doesn’t have to be enormous, and you can significantly increase your chances of avoiding VoIP phone service outages. A majority of broadband connections are able to operate with VoIP because it requires a low-delay internet connection. As an alternative, in case of an emergency, you could use a high-speed wireless internet service provider.

This high-speed wireless internet service could be provided through your mobile phone carrier, as 4G and 5G technology make this possible. You may utilize a cellular carrier as a backup ISP for your workplace, thanks to 4G LTE technology. The only thing that you will need is a 4G or 5G modem, which can be utilized in situations when you need alternate phone service.
VoIP phone service is a very affordable and beneficial way for businesses to utilize phone services, yet if the power were to go out, your company would likely lose its main source of communication. However, there are ways to ensure that your VoIP phone service remains functional at all times. The VoIP provider that you choose can assist you with finding an uninterruptible power source or other options. With a high quality, dependable, and consistent power source, you can rest assured that you will never miss an important business call, regardless of the circumstances.

Every business needs a reliable means of communicating with partners and customers, regardless of the size. It can sometimes be challenging to choose the best telephone communication system, as there are so many options available. Contact us now.

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