Every business needs a reliable means of communicating with partners and customers, regardless of the size. It can sometimes be challenging to choose the best telephone communication system, as there are so many options available. While some businesses feel that PBX services suit their needs best, other businesses feel that VoIP is superior, and they would never consider PBX. However, some people are confused about these two services, and they’re not sure if they’re the same service but with different names, or if there are some distinct differences. Are PBX and VoIP the same? Telechoice Consulting Inc. can help!

What is PBX Service?

PBX service, or private branch exchange, is a phone service that requires that you utilize a traditional telephone connection, complete with a private network that only you and your other business branches may use. PBX services is more or less a landline phone connection that is designated for a particular company. Many businesses opt for this type of phone service because they are used to it and they like the fact that it’s private, as many business owners don’t trust other types of service. What are the pros and cons of PBX services?

The pros of PBX services are as follows:

  • The ability to share phone lines within the same company without opting for the use of external phone lines
  • Greater control over this phone system
  • Lower monthly costs
  • The provider will train all workers in the company so they know all the ins and outs of PBX communication use
  • There is the ability to incorporate a company’s software within the phone system, for ease of use

The cons of PBX services are:

  • Costs are more expensive in the beginning, due to the necessary investment in the licensing of software and hardware
  • It takes special skills in order to properly manage the system, so untrained employees will not have the ability to utilize a PBX phone system
  • Power outages can result in downtime, as the system requires power to function
  • Anytime changes are desired, additional fees will be incurred

What is VoIP Service?

VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol” and is a telephone and communication service that works via the internet and is accessed through the use of a computer. You will simply plug your phone into the computer, and then you will have the ability to make and receive calls in the same manner as a traditional phone system.

Here are the pros of VoIP service:

  • By opting for VoIP services, you can take advantage of much lower costs than other types of phone services
  • VoIP service is portable, and it doesn’t matter where you are, you can use the service as long as you have a computer
  • This phone system offers a multitude of different features
  • You can easily utilize conventional phone and fax services when using VoIP

Here are the cons of VoIP service:

  • Utilizing emergency call services could pose a problem, because while portability is a wonderful advantage of using VoIP, if you call 911, then the address of your business will likely show up, instead of your actual location, which could be anywhere in the country, or throughout the world
  • It is imperative that you have a constant connection to the internet as well as consistent power or your telephone system will be unable to function
  • Depending on the functionality and speed of your internet services, you could sometimes experience issues with call quality, such as distortion, delays, and more
  • You must maintain a certain amount of bandwidth in order for your internet to be able to support VoIP

How Do PBX and VoIP Services Differ?

There are several differences between PBX and VoIP services, and while both types of services provide business owners with the ability to save money, they don’t work in the same way. Despite the fact that they don’t work in the same way, both types of phone services offer companies simplicity, reliability, as well as the possibility to customize the service to suit your particular needs.

Choosing a PBX or VoIP Host

Whether you decide that PBX or VoIP is the best type of phone service for your business, what’s truly going to be beneficial to your company is opting for the right host. The right host can ensure that your overall experience with their services is as positive as possible. Before choosing a host, be sure to conduct an adequate amount of research so you can make certain that your host has a history of providing reliable and efficient services.

You also want a host who is going to not only provide you with superior phone service, but one who is also going to provide optimal customer service, as well. Telechoice Consulting Inc. is a company that you might want to partner with to provide your communication services, as they have a stellar reputation for providing high-quality telephone services for affordable rates. Contact us today to see what Telechoice Consulting Inc. can offer you and your company.

As you can see, PBX and VoIP services are two different types of phone services, despite their similarities. PBX service is usually more suitable for larger businesses, but VoIP can also be appropriate for larger businesses as well. However, if you have a smaller company, you might want to opt for VoIP services, as it is cheaper and more practical. Keep in mind that you need to take other aspects of your business into consideration before you can make a final decision regarding choosing the right telephone service, so be sure to take your time so you can make the absolute best choice.