Business Phone Systems: Does VoIP Work During a Power Outage?

If you haven't switched to a VoIP business phone system at your company already, then you're likely considering making the change soon. There are many benefits to operating your business with a VoIP phone system as opposed to traditional phone systems. Not only will your company save an immense amount of money, but you will [...]

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Hosted PBX Services: Is PBX and VoIP the Same?

Every business needs a reliable means of communicating with partners and customers, regardless of the size. It can sometimes be challenging to choose the best telephone communication system, as there are so many options available. While some businesses feel that PBX services suit their needs best, other businesses feel that VoIP is superior, and they [...]

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VoIP Phone Services: Can I Replace My Landline with VoIP?

If you've been looking into VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone services, then you're aware of the many benefits of opting for this type of service for your business. Despite being aware of the many benefits of VoIP phone services, you might have some questions about this internet-based phone service. One question that you might have [...]

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